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Codifying Empathy (June 2017)

An Antidote to Oursourcing (May 2017)

A Primer on Face "Sided-ness" (Mar-Apr 2017)

Why I Moved to Lisbon, Portugal (Jan-Feb 2017)


Empathy Simplified (Dec 2016)

Why Do We Cry? (Nov 2016)

What Is Acting? (Oct 2016)

Evoking Empathy (Sep 2016)

"What It Takes..." (Aug 2016)

Some Like It Hot, a Brief Acting Analysis (Jul 2016)

In Praise of Boy and the World (Mar-May 2016)

"Animated Movies All Seem Alike" (Jan-Feb 2016)


Choose Worthy Role Models . . . (Oct 2015)

Storytelling and Virtual Reality (Aug-Sep 2015)

Aristotle, Stanislavsky & Disney Marketing (July 2015)

Pixar's Inside Out (Jun 2015)

Characters with Handicaps (Apr-May 2015)

"Story": a mini-acting lesson . . . (Jan-Feb 2015)


"Sitting at the Kiddie Table..." (Nov-Dec 2014)

The Congress (the Movie) (Sep 2014)

Brando for Animators (Aug 2014)
How to Improve Video References (Jun/Jul 2014)

An Unexpected Acting Lesson (May 2014)

Gags (April 2014)

Disney's "Illusion of Life" Reconsidered (Mar 2014)

Acting Technique (Feb 2014)

Frozen (Jan 2014)


Videogame Shooters, "Flow," and Evolutionary Psychology (Dec 2013)

Gravity: 1,001 Stories (Nov 2013)

Who are the Artists? (Sep 2013)

The Croods (Jul-Aug 2013)

Revisiting Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (June 2013)

How about THIS villain! (May 2013)

Why We Tell Stories (Feb/Mar 2013)

50 Tweets of Directorial Wisdom (Jan 2013)


Why Studios Don't Pay to Make Movies Any More

(Dec 2012)

An Actor/Shaman's Hardest Job (Dec 2012)

“Is the Animator REALLY an Actor with a Pencil?”
(Nov 2012)

"Empathy" vs. "Sympathy" (Nov 2012)

Wreck-It-Ralph (Nov 2012)

The Future of Game Cinematics (Oct 2012)

My Spin on Pixar's Rules of Storytelling (Sep 2012)

ParaNorman (Aug 2012)

China: "We Need to Tell Better Stories" (Jul 2012)

China: Animation on the Move (Jul 2012)

Bruce Springsteen Is a Shaman! (Jul 2012)

Various Ways to Use Gesture (Jun 2012)

Re: Brave (Jun 2012)

Actors and Animators: "Vive la différence!" (May 2012)

Bill Desowitz: Immersed in Movies (May 2012)

Faces Reacting to 105mph Wind (May 2012)

Stop-Motion: How a Master Does It (May 2012)

"You're going to need a bigger boat." (Apr 2012)

SAG and AFTRA Merge (Apr 2012)

A Quick Tutorial on Blinks (Mar 2012)

16 Quick Pointers about Comedy (Feb 2012)

"Mr. Lessmore" Wins an Oscar (Feb 2012)

"The Geek Show" (Feb 2012)

2D vs. 3D: A Matter of Pedigree (Jan 2012)

"Chico & Rita" Nominated for Oscar (Jan 2012)

Walter Robot (Jan 2012)

Frank and Ollie Dot Com (Jan 2012)


TinTin (Dec 2011)

Animators - The Next Generation (Nov 2011)

Ed Hooks on Altanimation Podcast (Sep 2011)

Mocap - Lost in Translation (Sep 2011)

Mars Needs Moms (Aug 2011)

Success Has Many Fathers (Aug 2011)

The Pixar Grid (May 2011)

Rango is a Game Changer (Mar 2011)

A Smile Is not Just a Smile (Jan 2011)

Listening: A Fresh Perspective (Jan 2011)


Animators Working with Animators (Dec 2010)

The Power of Self-Expression (Dec 2010)

"If we could make just one improvement" (Nov 2010)

Listen to Your Character (Oct 2010)

A Few Tips for First-Time Directors (Sep 2010)

My Commentary on DVD Director Commentaries (Aug 2010)

Macbeth - A Lesson About Audiences (July 2010)

Goals vs. Objectives (Jun 2010)

The Challenge of Animating Dialogue (May 2010)

Stage Acting vs. Animation Acting (Apr 2010)

Sympathy vs. Empathy (for Animators) (Mar 2010)

Avatar -- an Actor's Perspective (Feb 2010)

Mr. Fox & the Charm of Stop-Motion (Jan 2010)

"Family" Movies and Storytelling (Jan 2010)



"Empathize with the Villain?" (Dec 2014)

"Show them how it will be..." (Nov 2014)

Peter Brook: The Tightrope (Mar-Apr 2014)

Eleanora Duse (Mar-Apr 2014)

Arthur Janov: "Psychology of a Great Actor" (Feb 2014)

The Wolf of Wall Street (Jan 2014)


A Visit to "Planet Acting" (Dec 2013)

Breaking Bad: Shamanism in Disguise (Oct 2013)

"Do You Think I Have What It Takes?" (June 2013)

"You Are a Born Actor!" (May 2013)

The Career View from 35,000 Ft (Feb/Mar 2013)

The Academy Awards (Jan 2013)


An Actor/Shaman's Hardest Job (Dec 2012)

How to Find an Acting Teacher (Dec 2012)

Ed Relocating to LA (Aug 2012)

Acting Defined (Aug 2012)


Regarding the Arts – An Ed-itorial (Mar 2011)

"Listen, Listen, Listen, Really Listen . . ." (Mar 2011)


How Do You Train for a Career in Acting (Dec 2010)

Planning an Acting Career (Nov 2010)

"Uh-Oh, Kissing Scenes!" (Apr 2010)

Lorraine Hansberry (Mar 2010)

Sympathy vs. Empathy (Again) (Mar 2010)

Avatar: Wherefore Performance Capture (Feb 2010)

"Advanced Pretend" (Jan 2010)


Terriffic Book on Style (Oct 2009)

Pursuing Objectives (Oct 2009)

Re-Imagining Conflict (Sep 2009)

The Importance of Preparation (Jul 2009)

Unscrambling a Pinball Brain (Jun 2009)

Monologue Nervousness (May 2009)

The Dream (Apr 2009)

"If I were Starting Out Today..." (Mar 2009)

Darwin, Super-Objective and Acting (Feb 2009)

Mickey Rourke: The Wrestler (Jan 2009)


Acting and Fame (Oct 2008)

Unpredictability (Sep 2008)

Good Acting: Allowing or Causing (Aug 2008)

Presence (Apr 2008)

The Value of Lies (Mar 2008)


Acting with a Howl (Oct 2005)



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