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Ed Hooks remains available for private coaching at his home in Chicago, or via Skype. His rate is US$110 per hour. To schedule one-to-one coaching, contact him via the Contact page or by email at edhooks(at)edhooks(dot)com.



Ed Hooks' theatre classes – scene study, audition technique and acting for film – are on hiatus while he focuses on Acting for Animators workshops. These require a considerable amount of international travel, making it impractical to teach regular, on-going acting classes at the same time.

However, as one of the entertainment industry’s most highly regarded acting teachers, he will definitely resume regular classes in future. To stay abreast of his activities and future class schedules, send Ed a message via the Subscribe page. At the same time, you'll be signed up for his (free!) monthly newsletter when it resumes.



The actor in an animation is the character on the screen, but it is the animator who must endow the character with the illusion of life.

To do this, the animator must understand the connections between thinking, emotion and physical action, which are the building blocks of human behavior. Read more...

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